Black Slaves, Red Masters

On the other hand, the largest Slave Revolt EVER in the USA was fought by the Creek Indians Red Stick faction alongside Black and White slaves ( yes, White, it is almost forgotten now but many Irish were used as slaves just like Blacks) . So, you can say some Native Americans owned slaves, but they were taught this by whites , who in fact insisted upon it as part of the “indians” assimilating into white society and emulating them . They expressly wanted “indians” to dress like whites, speak like whites, live in plantation mansions like whites, and own slaves like whites- some Tribes did this in an effort to retain their ancestral lands.,even though this ultimately failed .So, there were many Tribes who helped and aided Blacks , and yes a few that owned slaves.The point being, if you are going to tell the story, tell ALL of it, tell both sides of it, not just the “bad part” . Anyone can Google the Creek /Slave Revolt and find it was real and it happened.

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