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The “You Are History Project” chronicles the stories, experiences, and wisdom of Blacks across the Diaspora. Here you will find exclusive interviews and commentary from many of our unsung heroes. The every day man and woman whose individual experiences, struggles, and sacrifices have shaped our history and blazed a path for our future.

Every year during Black History Month we focus on a handful of our most easily recognizable figureheads. Too often we neglect to appreciate and celebrate the “average people” who also suffered and overcame so that we can be where we are today.

Black senior citizens have a wealth of wisdom to share about our past as well as knowledge we can use moving forward. The You Are History Project is on a mission to archive these unsung heroes message for generations to come.

Through this project we will be able to not only amplify but, preserve the words, thoughts, and memories of people in our community who lived through things we can only read about today. We understand that our history is under attack so we are being proactive in preserving it.

Going back 100 years there have been so many significant events in our culture. From pain and suffering to joy and celebration our interviewees have been through it all. Spend some time listening to their stories and let this be an inspiration to take note of your story as well because WE ARE HISTORY.